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The know-how

Millot Philosophy

Arriving in the estate in 2014, Alix Millot started wine-making on her own in 2016. Since then, she perpetuates the family values of respect of the terroir instilled by her father.

The vine is worked organically (non-certified) with limited yields. Alix is committed to the traditional methods of wine producing and is deeply committed in the respect of the typicity of the climates. 

During vinification, grapes are preserved with little extraction and no use of intrants. Only the natural yeasts of the grapes are used.The wine production is then made in barrels of Burgundy oak trees.

Alix also got inspired by the new generation of winemakers. She shares, exchanges, tastes and adapts to wines without automation.

She knows every vintage is unique and that the work is largely achieved in the vine. Her role is to allow the grapes to reveal themselves.

The estate grows today with cuvées of natural wines, sulfur-free and vinified with entire grapes (Aligoté, Côte de Nuits “Le Vaucrain” and Passetoutgrain “Les Autrots”). These wines, initially without very much fame, now enjoy a great notoriety.

The know-how

A Family Assembly

René et Hilda Gilles

Production Côte de Nuits / Bourgogne / Aligoté. Father’s side of the estate.

1930 - 1965

Henri et Yvonne Gouroux

Production Passetoutgrain, Vosne, Vosne Romanée Premier Cru “Les Suchots”, Echézeaux. Mother’s side of the estate.

1930 - 1978

André et Elisabeth Millot (born Gilles)

André and Elizabeth Millot (born Gilles), replace René and Hilda Gilles.

1965 - 1981

Donation of the vines

Transfer of the vineyards in lease.

1978 - 1986

Jean-Marc Millot

First harvest ever made by Jean-Marc Millot.


Expansion of the estate

Acquisition of Savigny-lès-Beaune by Jean-Marc Millot.


Resumption of the vines in lease

Production of Echézeaux du Dessus and Passetoutgrain by Jean-Marc Millot


Union of the estates

The Estates Gouroux and Millot merge. First harvest of Vosne, Vosne Premier Cru “Les Suchots”, Echezeaux, Clos de Vougeot, Grands Echezeaux by Jean-Marc Millot.


A reasoned culture

Stop of the use of pesticides and insecticides. Organic not certified since 2018.



The Estate Jean-Marc Millot settles in Nuits-Saint-Georges


Alix Millot

Alix Millot joins the family estate alongside her father.



Alix makes her first vintage, on her own.


Jean-Marc Millot

The Vineyard

The estate Jean-Marc Millot exploits 8ha on the prestigious Côte de nuits (except Savigny), known worldwide for its Pinot Noir. The following appellations are produced: Bourgogne, Côte de Nuits Villages, Savigny-lès-Beaune, Vosne Romanée Village, Vosne Romanée Premier Cru “les Suchots”, but also 3 Grands Crus, Clos de Vougeot, Echezeaux and Grands Echezeaux.

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